Friday, July 30, 2010

Sometimes it just makes you want to cry!

hi everyone

this is a short post but a necessary one!@ BACK UP YOUR WORK! keep backups of your backups and backups of those backups!

Tonight i have undergone an RM* magnitude error! i had my first polished EAP done ( since i changed my idea ) and a whole lot of materials ready to present on Monday and i was about to render everything out of Maya when i realized something was wrong. I couldn't quite put my finger on it and then it hit me. 70% of my key frames were missing. As it currently stands i have been set back 1 weeks worth of work.

Im just so angry that i had to vent it out somewhere and here is that place. its 10:30 at night on a Friday and all the effort and hard work i have put in all week has been for nothing. i may as well have just taken the last week off and pissed it away.

Sorry about the language. I'm just finding it hard to muster the energy to stay up all weekend just to get to where i thought i was already.

i just want to know why the hell it happened... even my backups have this problem! i had 3 copies of my files 1 on my HDD, 1 on my laptop and 1 on my home pc and all 3 are corrupt! it was working fine yesterday and now not.

so word to the wise!@ backup your files then backup those backups and dont touch them again till you have a problem.

Now im off to try and scrape together enough to be pass worthy on Monday.

god dammit.


  1. It is an important lesson to share Jack.

    When it happens to people at the end of October in "The Crunch", then you will look back on this moment with a glowing appreciation.

  2. *holds up a punching bag with MAYA written across it* Sorry to hear about your set-back jack. Good of you to vent though: if you'd kept it locked up you'd have exploded. Really. I've seen it happen. Not pretty. You have to get new carpet and everything. So well done.

    But now it's time to step back, breathe a little through the nose and have a nice potent drink. Knowing you, your still ahead of 80% of the class even with having stepped in this little turd on your path to animation greatness.